Our Year in Pictures, Part 1

This weekend we went back through our pictures this past year and found some absolutely great photos. Hope you enjoy.

We kicked off 2009 in Houston with our friends and family, the boys stayed home with GranGran and Papa and partied the night away.

Calvin has changed so much from a cute 6 month old to a crazy 18-month old.

Look at this baby face…

The whole fam at the Houston zoo back in January

Later in January, we made a trip to Washington, D.C. to be with the family as Amber’s Nana, Marie, went to be with Jesus. She was an amazing woman and is definitely missed. It was good to be with the family and the boys enjoyed being in a place that had snow.

Eli wore his first suit proclaiming “I’m a meeting guy”. He apparently has seen me attend a few meetings…

And Calvin refused to crawl until he could walk, meaning he would hold our fingers to walk.

We were also able to enjoy Hawaii again this year with the Robinsons. Calvin enjoyed eating sand and rocks…

Eli loved the sand and the pool, but didn’t care for the ocean so much…

They must have enjoyed themselves because they were exhausted for the 12 hour flight home.

The boys have started playing together a lot more, especially once Eli figured out Calvin’s head doubles as a drum.

But Calvin remains just a cute and happy kid

We spent Easter in Pennsylvania with the boys great-grandparents.  The second picture is NoNo, Amber’s grandfather Tercizio, who also passed away this last year. A former principal in New York and great father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, he is missed.

With May brought the record setting Texas heat that eclipsed 100 for 68+ days. Lots of backyard pool and neighborhood pool time.

We celebrated Calvin’s 1st birthday with a backyard bash and he thoroughly enjoyed his cake.

With June, also comes great minor league baseball at the Dell Diamond

And Chick-Fil-A dress like a Cow Day

And apparently wear your hair like a rockstar day

There’s part 1. Yes it was mostly our children, but Part 2 will include more family photos as well. Look for that tomorrow.

5 Replies to “Our Year in Pictures, Part 1”

  1. amazing idea! love it!! y’all are geniuses! 🙂 love those boys…too presh!…yes, i just said presh 🙂 hope to see you sooooooooooon

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