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College Football Fantasy League

My best friends & I back in 1997 started a college football fantasy league amongst ourselves. We were sophomores in high school and way ahead of our time. It was a 4-man league that expanded to a 5-man league in 2001 where it will likely remain.

My best friend Mike kept track of the scores on a beautiful excel spreadsheet outfitted with each team with their colors. In 1998 they made me take a test over which teams were in each conference because they knew I was pretty ignorant when it came to college football at the time which led to me not winning the league until a few years ago.

And we now have a trophy, which I refuse to post a picture of until it resides in my house, which means it may never appear on this blog, but alas, it is a football on top of a block that has plaques with our name and the year we won it. It’s ridiculously awesome and I have the perfect spot for it in our house…

Each team has 2 QB’s, 3 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 2 Defense/Sp. Teams, 2 Kickers, every player plays each week and the scores are cumulative. You can only trade 1 player each week. And games against I-AA (FCS) opponents don’t count.

We’ve limited the players to 5 of the 6 BCS conferences, the Big East isn’t included because it’s terrible. Last year we implemented a weighted lottery system for the 1st pick and this year we balanced the lottery out so as not to reward individuals who decide to tank the season in hopes for a No. 1 pick, not that I would ever do anything like that…

We always have a live draft, this year held in Houston at Nick’s Sports Bar. It’s always a blast fit with recounting terrible selections from the past and lamenting the fate of our beloved Aggies (one of our friends graduated from UT, so we usually have to endure hearing how great they are…). And we continue to track it via an outstanding excel spreadsheet.

I held the No. 1 pick this year and despite my Aggie former student status, I had to select Colt McCoy, the QB for the Horns. The rest of my drafted team is below, I’ve already made one trade indicated below.


Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

Todd Reesing, QB, Kansas


Jahvid Best, RB, California

Michael Smith, RB, Arkansas

Derrick Washington, RB, Missouri – traded for Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama


Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas

Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU

Defense/Special Teams

Virginia Tech Defense

Oklahoma Defense


Alex Henery, K, Nebraska

Philip Welch, K, Wisconsin

After week 1, I’m already in 4th, which is highly disappointing. I’ll keep you updated throughout the season because I know you’re anxious to follow my fantasy sports life.

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