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Hawaiian Vacation 2009!

Back in February, which seems like ages ago, The Robinsons invited us and flew us out to Maui to spend a week with them. It was absolutely amazing and incredibly restful, with intermittent moments of chaos with 2 boys under 3. Here are some pictures to show you how awesome it was and increase the jealousy that began when you saw the title of this blog.


If it looks like Eli is only wearing an Alligator Tube, it’s because he is…


Calvin is ready for the beach!


Calvin’s favorite thing to do in Hawaii was eat sand.


It took Eli a while to enjoy the ocean, so he first swam through the sand. He loved everything about it.


Mom and Calvin enjoying the beach…Calvin enjoyed her sunglasses…


Sweet shades Cal…


The pool was also a big hit, especially since it had a pirate ship…


Eli is sitting in Grampyman’s lap enjoying the pirate ship.


The time change is 4 hours behind us, which meant early morning Cheerios and dancing…


We introduced Eli to the joys of the snocone.


The Hilton nearby (we stayed at the Marriot) had animal statues which were a hit. They also had live penguins which was completely awesome.


We got the boys in the waves, here you see Eli running out of the waves, while Calvin has no choice, but to wait it out and then cry due to the cold water.


Check out Calvin’s footprints


This is Eli showing you his fighting stance. Everything is a weapon and it’s always time to fight for Eli these days.


This is Eli swimming in the hot tub. It was more warm than hot and became the family pool. The perfect place to meet other families and for both boys to “swim” in the pool.


It was enjoyable for everyone.


We were really good at tiring out the boys…


Eli woke up mid-nap, we asked if he wanted to go to the pool. He said “No, I want to keep sleeping.”


Mom and Calvin by the pool.


The Robinsons watched the boys sleep one night, so we had a date night. We went all out with the combo plate (mahi mahi, steak, and lobster tail). In this picture is the biggest dessert ever. As you can see we were dressed warmly as the temperature dropped to the 40s at night…in Hawaii…set records for low. I blame global warming.


We had a pretty good view from our room. The whales were also migrating and jumping out of the water which is really cool to see.


The boys had fun whether it was the room or the beach. But we had to come home. We had an 8 hour redeye flight ahead of us and this is what happened…


Eli slept the whole way. Calvin slept half the trip back, so we filled up the other time well…


It was an amazing trip. Special thanks to the Robinsons for letting us join them at the Marriot on Kaanapali Beach! We already miss it, but the boys enjoy being back home…



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