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Quick Hits: The Places We’ve Been

Welcome to the once a month blog where I update you hardly never. Our church gifted us with a book of 50 great things to do with kids and we’ve been exploring the city throughout our first month.

Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing and where we’ve been. Pictures to hopefully follow…in 6 months…

Central Park – Zoo, Carousel, Boat pond, Alice and Wonderland Statue, The Great Lawn, etc.

We live 3 blocks from Central Park and it is full of amazingly fun kids adventures. Calvin loves the Carousel, we are members to the city zoos (Thanks Robinsons!) We traded an immediate backyard for the greatest backyard ever.

American Museum of Natural History

Another gift to us was a year-membership to the Natural History Museum. Again, so much to see and the boys loved the dinosaurs, the giant whale, Calvin can’t stop talking about the mammals and Eli loves the giant sloth (I mean, who doesn’t?). We’ve been once as a family and Amber took the boys back specifically for the giant sloth. It’s that cool.

The Intrepid Museum

The former battlleship The Intrepid is docked here in Manhattan with former planes, helicopters, space ships, and loads of fun for kids. The boys and I went to the Intrepid and pretended to fly planes, fly to the moon, and shoot the biggest cannons we’ve ever seen.

Times Square Toys R Us…on a Saturday…

The 3 story Toys R Us is what we explain to the boys as a Toy Museum. Enjoy the view, touch carefully, and we probably won’t take anything home. It has a full-size ferris wheel, an animated dinosaur, life size optimus prime,  spiderman and superman hanging from the ceiling, and more toys than any kid could dream of. It was a big hit.

The Bronx Zoo

As I mentioned before, being members of the city zoos gets us into the Bronx Zoo and on all the feature rides and exhibits for free. It was amazing, there are so many animals for each exhibit, all in the middle of the Bronx. The gorillas were the favorite animal of the day.

Hippo, Dinosaur, and Carl Schurz Park

The green space in the city is amazing, on the Upper West Side, there’s a Hippo Park where the boys could climb into a hollowed out statue of a hippo, nearby ride on dinosaur statues and enjoy a playground. Carl Schurz is right down the street and is the perfect family-friendly park.

Chelsea Market & Magnolia Bakery

Cupcakes and Brownies. Phenomenal.

These are just some of the places we’ve been. There is so much to do in the city. We are adjusting well and the boys are loving the city. It’s been a smooth transition since we have a church community that has cared for us well.


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