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Austin Stone on Campus


Tonight kicks off the college ministry for the Austin Stone Community Church. Our kickoff is Austin Stone on Campus, where we take an Austin Stone worship service to campus and launch our Missional Communities (Christianese for small groups that love Jesus, each other, and their campus/city). This marks the beginning of the 5th year in college ministry for me at the Stone.

I’ve seen it change dramatically as God has changed our church to be a church that is for the city, a church that cares about the success of Austin, its universities and everyone who lives here.

If you’ve ever wondered what college ministry looks like at the Austin Stone and what it is exactly we do here, then let me outline our structure.

Missional Communities

This year we will launch around 35 missional communities at Austin Stone on Campus, with about 1/3 of them as freshman missional communities. These are all student-led groups with around 8-20 students in each group.

Some of them have a particular mission or service area in mind, like the UT Pom, St. John’s Neighborhood, Reagan High School, etc. while others will be working towards identifying their mission throughout the year.

Freshman at The Austin Stone

For 6 weeks after Austin Stone on Campus, we will be meeting with all the freshman together before they launch into gender-specific groups for the remainder of the year.

These 6 weeks will focus on assisting them in transitioning into college as they make faith decisions on their own and get acclimated into our church and college life.


This is the name we give our leaders of leaders. They are typically graduates who express a desire to mentor, disciple, and equip college students to lead their missional communities on campus. I meet with them bi-weekly as we discuss together the vision of the Austin Stone and how that contextually applies to the campuses in Austin.

College Leadership Team

This year our leadership team changes as my good friend Todd Engstrom transitions into a new role on staff as Pastor of Missional Communities to utilize his gifts to implement the current & future vision of the church.

Tyler David has stepped up to handle all the day-to-day operations for the college ministry on staff while planning and strategizing for what the future holds for the college ministry. He spends the majority of his time working with our three interns, Scott Frazier, Jackie Markovich, & Tammie Beassie who are absolutely amazing and really gifted students at UT. They make college ministry happen and make it excellent.

My role is to focus on leadership development with our leaders and coaches, basically serving as an area pastor for the college ministry caring for the coaches so they can care for the leaders.

Tonight – Austin Stone on Campus – 7pm @ Hogg Auditorium

Tonight around 1,200 college students will fill Hogg Auditorium on UT’s campus to worship Jesus and be challenged to care for their campus.

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