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“The lizard will tell you”


lizardEli is almost 3 and he has started to play pretend a lot lately. I wanted to share with you one of the funnier events recently.

Amber recently purchased rubber lizards from H.E.B. like the picture above and Eli absolutely loves them, best $2.50 ever. He lines them up in Roman battle positions opposite each other, stands over them and says “They’re about to fight…Go!” and looks expectantly at them waiting for them to maul each other before he steps in and makes the fighting happen. It’s awesome.

One Saturday a few weeks ago, Eli and I went to run errands, which I tell him are “adventures” so he gets pretty pumped. He wanted to take one of his lizards with us. We went to a Mazda dealership and looked at cars all while Eli held the lizard. On the way home, I heard him talking and looked in the backseat to find him saying the exact same things I said to him, but he’s telling the lizard “you have to hold my hand when we go in the street. Cars could hurt you.” and “Don’t touch that, it’s not ours”. I thought it was really cute and funny.

So when we are almost home, I tell him that he needs to tell Mommy about the adventure we went on and everything we saw.  When we get home, the following exchange occurs:

Amber: “Eli, tell me about your adventure.”

Eli: “No, the lizard will tell you.” And he placed the lizard on a stool and looks at the lizard in silence.

Amber (after waiting 10 seconds): “When is he going to tell me?”

Eli: “He is telling you, you have to listen.”

Amber: “Maybe he could speak louder.”

Eli: “He’s speaking very loud.” Obviously mom.

Amber: “Oh, well maybe you could interpret for me.”

Eli: “No, the lizard will tell you.” And then he proceeds to walk off.

It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

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