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Video: Our buddies as babies

This is an old video of Eli debuting on youtube when he was at 6 months…

Calvin’s debut on youtube – watch out Beethoven.

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Google Reader and the joys of the RSS Feed

So I feel like my life has been radically changed. Always before when I’m bored I run through the blogs by typing them into internet explorer and then clicking links to everyone’s blog and hoping to find an updated blog (which isn’t hard if you’ve ever read Lee Wilson’s blog since it’s updated every 30 minutes, which I appreciate Lee).

But last week I decided to find out what “subscribing to a blog” and “RSS feeds” were all about and thanks to Abraham Piper at Desiring God and this blog, my life has changed for the better.

If you have a google account, which should be everyone, go to and sign-up to use Google Reader as your subscription method to blogs. You can then add the links of the blogs you normally check to google reader. The beauty of it is that everytime one of those blogs is updated, it shows up at google reader and lets you know. So now I don’t have to guess and hope to find an updated blog, I automatically know. It’s awesome.

Some of you are laughing at me because I just figured this out, but I don’t care.

The next thing I did was add google reader to my homepage, so that everytime I click on the Internet I am able to see my homepage, which shows me my google reader and all the updated blogs. Learn from erroneous ways and begin using Google Reader immediately. Your life to can be changed forever. And your welcome.


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A Shark and a Turtle

I figured I can at least provide Halloween Pictures.







The last one is a Garden Gnome (Micah) and a Shark thoroughly enjoying Halloween.


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