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The busy last 2 months

So the last 2 months have been crazy busy. I’ll try to catch you up on a few things…

1) I got a new job. I work at HNTB ( doing the same type of work I did at Kennedy Consulting.  I really enjoy the atmosphere of the office and they are very refined in what they do in regards to processes of project development and management which will help me immensely. I harbor no hard feelings toward KCI, it was just a great opportunity to move to HNTB and I will miss my former co-workers greatly.

I am currently in the new hire awkward stage where I don’t know people’s sense of humor and they don’t think my jokes are funny…at all. But this stage will pass at some point, it has to right?

2) Chris and Lori Ernst’s wedding

It’s wedding season and we’ve been to our fair share. I had the pleasure of being Christ Ernst’s best man in his wedding and they were so giddy on the altar as they were getting married, it was awesome. We attempted to drag Eli and Calvin to all the festivities, but Calvin proceeded to end the rehearsal dinner time for us by throwing up and Eli was border-line meltdown sans nap at the reception. We still had a blast, Eli included and are glad to see the new Ernst family so joyful.

3) Eric and Christine Brinkman’s Wedding

Eric had been in our community group and met Christine at a prayer meeting, sounds like a e-harmony commercial, but it’s reality. We were able to be a part of their wedding through Eli, who was the ringbearer. It was a wedding filled with joy. Here’s the good-looking Gentry:

At the Rehearsal

Trying on the tux

Rocking the shoes

At the wedding, hanging with the fellas

Apparently sick of pictures…

Waiting in the foyer with his beautiful mom

Thoroughly Enjoying Himself…

It was also good to see our old community group, still have no idea what is going on here

To be continued, that caught you up to August 2nd, still a whole month to go, I know you’re pumped.

To tide you over, here’s a picture of Micah and Eli.

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