3 have become 4…

Calvin Elliot Gentry has joined our family and is now a little over a week old. We are blessed to have another healthy baby boy. Amber is an amazing mom of 2 boys, is feeling great, and looks great too, having lost any resemblance that she once carried a baby.

Here he is!!

He was born on June 14 at 8:44am weighing 7 lbs and 4 oz. and 19.5″ long. Eli loves him and wants to hold him all the time, still learning his name, which is “Calneen” according to Eli.

The Whole Fam

So here we are, the whole family. No longer 3, we have become 4 and we have 2 car seats and no room for more to prove it.



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3 responses to “3 have become 4…

  1. He’s beautiful! Congratulations to you both. I hope my comment works. It didn’t on your last post. Oh well. Enjoy your new baby!

  2. He is beautiful! That dark hair and eyes! What a blessing. And he is also very blessed to have you two as parents.

  3. GranGran

    What a blessing to have two healthy boys. This new picture makes him look more like Eli than the just born pix – only with dark hair.
    Kisses to all. Love U All

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