Christians get outraged over the wrong things…

Apparently, American Idol sang “Shout to the Lord” during their Idol Gives Back ( and the show the following night where they finally get rid of another bad singer ( The first night they censored/edit the first line to say “My Shepherd” instead of “My Jesus”, but sang the unedited edition on the following night.

There were many evangelicals that were outraged because “nonbelievers” sang a worship song, as if that’s never occured in life despite the fact it happens every Sunday accross America. If they weren’t outraged about that, then they were outraged about the lyrics being changed, which I can see would be shocking considering its a secular show…

The reality is people are being outraged by a television show on a primetime station. Are you kidding me? First off, the one song had more worship involved in it than most things that occur on TBN and second, if you want to get outraged about something, get outraged about this: or the SOLD project and the Elpis project which have now joined together to pursue the end of human trafficking and especially of sex slave trading of kids. That is something to be outraged about.



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5 responses to “Christians get outraged over the wrong things…

  1. Dan

    Thanks for the shout out about SOLD!
    PS. I’m a HUGE Bill Simmons fan too.

  2. High five from the frizzles. I was totally pumped that the million watching AI were hearing a worship song- pretty sure I saw the “Jesus” version- but I call Him shepherd too, so who gives a flip, they were STILL singing it on the #1 show—–HELLO, what are we getting mad about???? Use it as a tool to share the gospel- people ARE talking about it!!!

  3. Um..I totally don’t get the upsetting factor of Shout to the Lord being sung on American Idol. Actually, I think our reaction should be the opposite. Praise God that millions of people heard truth. He can use whatever He wants to and He chose to use a show that we think is all about the glory of the contestants. No! It’s about His glory. All of it is. It wasn’t by chance that they sang that song. I mean, think how many people had to approve it. And not one person in that chain of command vetoed it? Clearly, God had plans to use American Idol for His glory.

    So, instead of being angry that lost people sang about Jesus, let’s rejoice that lost people heard the name of Jesus (on Thursday night) and pray that they will seek and find Him.

  4. WORD! couldn’t agree more.

  5. Hi! Good post. I think had some good stuff on here, too… that goes right along what you were saying! Tell Amber hi!!!

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