The Gentry’s Christmas – Washington, D.C.

After we returned from Hawaii, we enjoyed one night at home, an afternoon with the Peeks and left again, traveling to Houston for 2 days and then on to Washington, D.C. to experience a huge Robinson family Christmas with Amber’s Dad’s side of the family. Here are the pictures:


This is Eli having a blast with Aunt Ruthie.  The flags were a part of Eli’s stocking presents. It is a Robinson Christmas tradition to fill stockings for everyone with anything from magazines, ponchos, flags to gift cards, lip gloss (for Amber of course), and a toy car (sadly not for me, but for Eli). Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Craig joined the fun with Jason, David, and David’s girlfriend Sarah.


Eli’s first hockey jersey (Go Caps!) courtesy of cousin Kenny, who is an amazing hockey player himself. Aunt Elaine graciously let us stay in their amazing home, along with Jimmy, Diane, Lindsay, Courtney, Jeremy, Uncle Bill, and Aunt Danae. It was a lot of fun being around the house where the family gathered.


It was the first time for the extended family to spend time with Eli and he enjoying showing off his mad-clapping skills.


Eli hi-fiving Aunt Elaine. If you look closely you’ll see the Sudoku book that I spent way too much time problem-solving.


Aunt Elaine was cool enough to introduce the ipod to Eli. He was not pleased when the song ended, but danced with joy when another song would start. No word yet and what song was his favorite.


Eli’s first subway ride as we went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in D.C. Eli loves the animals, invented dinosaur sounds, and wanted to play with the bones. Who would have thought?

The museum was great and the trip was amazing. We are hoping to make it a tradition.


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