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Baby Gentry #2

Hey everyone,

We found out recently that the Lord has blessed us with another child on the way. Amber is about 9 weeks along and feeling normal pregnancy symptoms. The due date is June 25th, 2008. We are very excited and are rejoicing that God has blessed us again with a future Gentry baby.

We have started trying to explain to Eli he’s going to be a big brother, we’re not so sure he’s getting it yet. He will be around 22 months old when the new baby comes, so we’re hoping he isn’t too jealous for attention since he won’t have the whole spotlight.

Eli is 15 months right now, he’s walking very well, still hates to eat, throws a mean fastball with both hands and is trying to talk constantly. It sounds like a combination between jibberish and a foreign language. He likes to say the first consonants of every word and occasionally adds the other syllables. He’s a lot of fun. I’ll post pictures soon.



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