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I’m obsessed with Harry Potter…there I said it!

I used to harp on people for reading fiction (shocking that I would harp on anyone, I know), but not I find myself having to recant on all my foolish statements. After the 5th movie of Harry Potter which was absolutely awesome, I found myself gripped by the story. I could have sat there for another hour and a half and watched every minute of that movie. The next day, we immediate went and bought books 5 and 6 and I started reading book 5 and read 150 pages in one day, which is like a record or something! Why start on book 5 you ask? Cause the first 4 movies obviously explained everything I needed to know…

 I have always teased Amber for reading them, but now she secretly thinks I was the one obsessed with them the whole time. Of course she’s wrong, but as I read these books, I’m discovering they are excellently written. She absolutely grabs you from the very beginning. It has been very refreshing to read fiction. I had often thought it was a waste of time I did not have, but now I feel like it’s worth making time for and I will have to do this more often.

 One thing I did not expect was that this book stirs in me a desire to love God more. I think this happens anytime you read something discerningly, but the battle that occurs between good and evil stirs in my a passion for fighting for good and abstaining and fighting against evil.

Well, I’ve got 600 more pages to read…I’ll keep you updated with anything the Lord teaches me through it.

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Happy 25th Birthday! Spend it sick…

About 2 weeks ago, yes, right after the last blog, Amber and Eli both got sick. Amber had the 24-hour flu and Eli had an ear infection. I came home from work Thursday the 12th to take care of Eli cause Amber could barely get out of bed. I also ended up staying home Friday as Amber was still sick. Funny how those 24-hour flus always last at least 48…

 That weekend I was turning 25, the biggest birthday ever since your insurance goes down and supposedly only then can you rent a car. (A little secret – you can rent a car before your 25. Shocking, I know.) So I’m a quarter-century and my friends drove up from Houston to celebrate that Friday night.

The Oasis here in Austin, a great restaraunt out on the lake graciously allowed us to wait for 3 hours before we sat down. We had 15 total people come, so that was awesome and the wait was understandable. Highlights of the dinner were found on the dance floor thanks to a raucous 70s cover band. We didn’t dance, but every other 30-50 year old did. We didn’t get a chance to thank them for the hilarity, especially the guy with a bluetooth cause you never know if you need to answer a call right in the middle of the Loveshack.

 So I wasn’t quite 25 cause that was only the 13th, but Amber and my friends shocked me with an XBOX 360 and 2 games, NCAA ’08 (before the release date, thanks Todd) and Call of Duty 3. All a guy really needs are a sport game and game where you can shoot people. It was awesome! A great celebration which was good cause the celebrating ending the next morning.

Amber’s next birthday present to me was her sickness. In case you are dying for details, it involves vomiting and constant achiness none of which are fun. I was bedridden which was great since my friends came from Houston and my family came in the afternoon. Amber was absolutely amazing in taking care of my friends and family though, so they still seemed to enjoy themselves.

I got better by the end of the day Sunday, my actual birthday. We got medicine for Eli’s ear and he’s al better now and walking by himself all over the house (video to come soon). I passed the sickness onto my mom and dad as a thank you for coming to visit, but now all the Gentrys are healthy by God’s grace.

Thanks to all who made my 25th great. I genuinely loved it, especially Friday night.

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The Gentry’s are blogging…finally

Hey everyone,

 This will be our blog to keep you updated on our family, our thoughts, and what happens in Austin. I have a lot of random thoughts that will show up, Amber has a lot of intelligent thoughts that will show up, and Eli is really cute, so he’ll have a lot of pictures and videos that will show up.

 Right now, Amber and I own a house in Austin, we have been blessed to have been married almost 2 years, have a 10 month old baby boy named Elijah Hudson who just started walking. We are involved in the Austin Stone Community Church ( and we love our church which is really nice to say.  The Lord has been good to us in allowing us to be very involved in the church and He is doing awesome things in Austin.

I am transportation engineer, which means I sit in a cube and design roads and I do actually enjoy it more so cause I work with awesome people. Amber is an amazing homemaker and awesome mom to Eli and Eli is working at honing his walking skills to he can help provide for the family.

 Much more to come in the future…

 p.s. Gentrified defined – To subject to gentrification

Gentrification, or urban gentrification, is a phenomenon in which low-cost, physically deteriorated neighborhoods undergo physical renovation and an increase in property values, along with an influx of wealthier residents who may displace the prior residents ( Wikipedia – It’s open source, so you know it has the best and most accurate information


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