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Derek Webb Stockholm Syndrome Update


Above is the latest picture to be released from the Dallas, TX Stockholm Syndrome artifacts. This is an old picture from the race track in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

My suspicions are that these are being released in the order of his tour dates in the future. The Dallas people received Derek Webb tickets.


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Want the Derek Webb Songs?

They are available for download on this blog.

Also, here’s the latest clue:


Which happens to be the Reunion Tower in Dallas, TX. Special thanks to The Wussows for assisting me with the Dallas Architecture. Dallas people get ready for new instructions via paradise is a parking lot. You’ll know when to look by following @ssyndrome.


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Derek Webb update: New Song

Time for you to get familiar with twitter especially by following ssyndrome.  If you check out the latest tweets, they follow the format of email #2 on his website revealing  a new secret code that will let you get a new song. The new song is Freddie, Please.

You will ultimately get it from going to Paradise is a parking lot. But I’ll let you figure out the code. That leaves us with 3 songs and a lot of stems that build a fourth song.

And yes, I’m still obsessed with figuring all this stuff out and hope they come to Austin with the artifacts…


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Derek Webb update


The Raleigh Stockholm Syndrome artifacts have been found and contained this picture of Martin Castle in Lexington, Kentucky.

Lexington’s not too far from Southern Seminary in Louisville where I’m sure a plethora of Derek Webb fans exist, so get ready to go get the artifacts.


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Derek Webb: More than you “need to” know

Here’s an update on Stockholm Syndrome if you haven’t been following on twitter.

A new movie can be found by clicking “need to” on Derek Webb’s website, which takes you to this image and website:


The 3rd and 14th bars are links to 2 movies. The 3rd bar was released a while ago, linked from the word “all” on Derek’s site. The movie appears to be someone driving on a road and you hear “The end is the beginning is the end” and contains morse code that some have said reads “BNA 07/03/09″. BNA is the code for Nashville International Airport and is also the first city an artifact was placed. Maybe that means it will end where it all began…

The newest video is on the 14th bar, also contains morse code and says “it’s simple”. Some have interpreted the morse code to read “6PM, GPS TO FOLLOW”. Good luck figuring out what that means.

The latest artifacts were found in Vienna, VA and contained this picture:


This statue is outside the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh, NC. This could be the next city for the artifacts. It also contained 5 new stems. If you’ve downloaded all of them, put them in this order (as read from Patty Hearst’s wikipedia page):

On February

the 19-




she shared


group called

to swap




to every


an operation

an estimated



the immediate


of $6

of food to the

After the distribution


(In a

tape recording


that her father

could have done


on an audiotape

that she had






while robbing

in San


That’s the latest that I know, anyone know anything else?


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Stockholm Syndrome update

Quick update regarding stockholm syndrome. The .wav files that are found at paradise is a parking lot are titled with words from a wikipedia article about Patty Hearst, who is a famous case of Stockholm Syndrome…

If you put them in order, even though some of the words are missing, you can tell they flow together as a song.  Pretty cool.

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Deciphering Derek Webb’s Stockholm Syndrome

I mentioned in my post the other day that Derek Webb’s new CD is being released through a series of artifacts, tweets from twitter, coded emails, and hidden websites.  I’ve been trying to follow it from the beginning and here’s what I’ve found and seen so far that will help you and maybe help all of us DW fans to hear his CD soon.

2 Songs have been released

The first song I found was The Spirit vs. Kick-Drum. Here’s how you get it:

Go to Derek Webb’s website where there are 2 emails. In email #1 click on the word trouble, it’s a hyperlink to a Relevant Magazine Article. In the first sentence of the article, there are 3 words in quotations, “controvery”, “having”  & “label”.

In the 2nd email, the word r_eal is a hyperlink to a website that asks you to submit something. Submit those 3 words one at a time in order and you are able to download a zip file that contains the song and a text file. The text file says 10-2-4 (more on this below).

The 2nd song is Heaven. It’s a little easier to get Heaven. If you donate $1 to Paste Magazine’s “Save Paste” Campaign you can get the song Heaven (Pre-Mix).


In the 2nd email on DW’s website there are words throughout with underscores. If you take the letter after the underscore, you get “paradise is a parking lot”, which is where Derek is releasing “stems”. Stems are these zip files that contain 5 .wav files of 2 seconds of a song. Some of the zip files contain clues.

One of the first clues I saw was with the song Spirit vs. Kick-drum, a text file that said 10-2-4. Which if you google 10-2-4 you get an explanation about Dr. Pepper, the greatest drink on planet earth. Where is the Dr. Pepper museum? Waco, Tx which was the 3rd location for the artifact.

The Decatur, GA zip file contains this picture


If you google guitar statue, one of the results is this statue at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, WA, which was the next location for the Stockholm Syndrome artifacts. In the Seattle zip file was this picture:


Turns out if you google, queen holding her crown, you can find out that this is a statue of Queen Charlotte in Charlotte, NC at the Charlotte International Airport. The next artifacts were found there.

The charlotte, nc zip file contained 2 pictures that didn’t appear to indicate a location, but their titles, 38.908818, -77.253542 are longitude and latitude for Washington, D.C. which I believe to be the next location for the artifacts.

If you follow twitter, information is revealed by following ssyndrome. This isn’t all the information, but this is at least a start. I haven’t figured out how to put all the 2 second .wavs together to make a song of anything, but maybe other people can provide more insights. There are movies and pictures out there and other info.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do, I’m hoping it ends up it Austin at some point.

Anyone have any more clues?


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Derek Webb Stockholm Syndrome


Derek Webb got his start as a part of Caedmon’s Call before going solo a few years ago. He is passionate about Jesus and his lyrics often sting as you listen to them because he is a bit of a prophet to the American Christian church. He often reveals our sinful tendency to abuse Christianity for our own benefit instead of exalting Christ and His gospel of redemption and restoration.

His latest CD is Stockholm Syndrome and it’s been controversial. Apparently his lyrics are too strong to be labeled Christian, or so we are to be led to believe. He’s made the release a treasure hunt, using his website to display coded emails that give you the song Spirit vs. Kick-drum, which is awesome if you’ve listened to it. He has placed “artifacts” in various cities that look like the image above that point to the next city, check paradise is a parking lot for your secret clues. It’s an awesome way to build buzz over a CD release and DW fans are quite anxious for it’s release.

I’ll post again soon to track the progress of Derek’s album and show you how to decipher the code to find the next city.

Below are the lyrics to the other song that has been released, titled Heaven.

I was killed in a shopping cart.

Turned upside down and left for dead

I saw a clown try to speak to me

As I floated over him.


I found my way to a familiar place

I swear I’ve been some time before

I would have thought it was the marketplace

But I could not find the door


Oh I have been to heaven

And I have walked the streets

Cause I couldn’t find the hand to hold

To keep me on my feet


So paradise is a parking lot

A spot up front is your reward

All the rest walk down streets of gold

To the house they could afford


I got lost in swelling crowd

And I could not afford to eat

You only have what you came in with

So I’m living on the street


Oh I have been to heaven

And I found no relief

Cause I couldn’t find the hand to hold

To keep me on my feet


I heard Jesus Christ was there

He had a car that’s bulletproof

That way everyone is safe

From the man who tells the truth


Oh I have been to heaven

And I have walked the streets

But I couldn’t find a hand to hold

To keep me on my feet


I couldn’t find a hand to hold

To keep me on my feet

That’s Heaven off of Derek Webb’s Stockholm Syndrome. What do you think it means for you? For the church in America?

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